105: Getting to the Good Stuff: Uniting Writing Instruction and Disciplinary Knowledge

    Presenters:  Cindy Bair Van Dam (CAS-Literature/Writing Studies/AU Core), Chuck Cox (CAS-Literature/Writing Studies), Lydia Fettig (CAS-Literature/Writing Studies), Kelly Joyner (CAS-Literature/Writing Studies) & Lacey Wootton (CAS-Literature/Writing Studies)

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    Time: 9:55 AM – 11:10 AM

    Session Description

    In this session, Writing Studies Program faculty will lead participants in a workshop on effective strategies for working with student writing in disciplinary (not first-year writing) classes with a goal of improving students’ writing and creating more time for engagement with disciplinary content—the “good stuff.” Participants will leave this workshop with ways to assign, teach, and respond to writing efficiently, effectively, and equitably. This session will benefit faculty teaching W2 courses or any course with a writing component, and panelists will engage participants in discussion of their current work with student writing.

    Learning Outcome

    • Reflect on their own current writing-instruction practices
    • Learn specific strategies for working with student writing in conjunction with disciplinary content
    • Develop applications for those strategies in their own courses

    Watch a short introduction to the session topic:

    Session Materials

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