205 – Incorporating Peer Review into Online Courses

    Presenters: Amy Trietiak (Health Studies), Amanda Choutka (Literature), Caron Martinez (Kogod Center for Business Communications) & Lara Schwartz (Government) 

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    Time: 11:35 AM – 12:25 PM

    Session Description

    Student peer review (AKA peer feedback, peer assessment) is often reserved for writing or composition courses. However, there are many benefits of incorporating peer review into content-specific classes that go beyond writing improvement. In this session, panelists will discuss how to effectively integrate peer review into your online courses to enable students to develop and practice the lifelong skill of giving and receiving feedback on their work, as well as how to ultimately transfer this mindset beyond academics to the professional world.  

    Learning Outcomes

    • Discuss the benefits of peer review in the online classroom.
    • Identify opportunities for incorporating peer review in your own classes.
    • Explain best practices for peer review as a teaching/learning strategy and lifelong professionalism competency.

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    1. Brian Yates
      Brian Yates says:

      I should have read the description more carefully! I thought the focus was on faculty-as-peers-of-professor review, of the professor’s online teaching–one of many alternatives or additions to student evaluation of teaching-by-professors.


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