404: Safeguarding Research and Innovation: The Impact of Generative AI on Research

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    Presenter: Diana Burley (Vice Provost for Research & Innovation), Rhea Siers (Senior Advisor, Teneo) & Fay Payton (Expert, NSF and Professor Emerita, NC State University)

    Time: 3:10 PM – 4:00 PM

    Session Description

    Join Dr. Diana Burley, Vice Provost for Research and Innovation, for an insightful exploration into the unique challenges and opportunities of AI at the intersection of research. This session will emphasize strategies to enhance digital resilience, protect intellectual property, and foster a secure environment for innovation. Gain valuable insights into safeguarding your research endeavors in an era where boundaries between technology and academic continue to synergize

    Watch a short introduction to the session topic:

    Session Materials

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