403 – Academic rigor in the time of COVID

    Presenter: Kiho Kim (Center for Teaching, Research & Learning), Heather Heckel (School of Professional & Extended Studies) & Kim Westemeier (Center for Teaching, Research & Learning)

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    Time: 3:30 PM – 4:20 PM

    Session Description

    Since the beginning of the pandemic, anecdotal evidence suggests that many of our students feel that faculty are giving them too much work, while many faculty feel that they are relaxing requirements. In this session, we will discuss the effects of the additional stress and anxiety in our current learning environment, and how faculty can accommodate our students’ needs and maintain academic rigor in their courses.

    Learning Outcomes

    • Define what time on task is and how it relates to the online teaching context.
    • Review the Academic Rules and Regulations for time on task for undergraduate and graduate courses.
    • Practice calculating time on task to maximize student engagement while reducing the likelihood of Zoom fatigue.

    Watch the recording of this session.

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