201: Creating an Antiracist Class: Lessons Learned from Remaking the AUx2 Curriculum

    Presenters: Roshan Abraham (UEAS, Office of First Year Advising), Caroline Figueiredo Hausmann (UEAS-First-Year Advising), Sarah Jones (Adjunct AUx Instructor), Juliana Martinez (CAS-World Languages and Cultures) & Izzi Stern (UEAS/AUx)

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    Time: 11:20 AM – 12:35 PM

    Session Description

    In the Summer of 2020, the AUx2 working group was formed and began to redesign the AUx2 curriculum on a foundation of antiracist practices and pedagogy. In this session, we will discuss how the working group identified and responded to common issues in the classroom, identify institutional roadblocks encountered, and consider lessons learned for our campus community.

    Learning Outcomes

    • Recognize institutional roadblocks to implementing antiracist curriculum
    • Practice antiracist practices to apply to their courses
    • Connect themes from the session that are needed to imlement antiracism in their classroom

    Watch a short introduction to the session topic:

    Session Materials

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