202: Bridging Perspectives: Fostering Global Dialogue in the University Classroom

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    Presenters: Krisztina Domjan (Professorial Lecturer, Global and Immersive Studies), Susan George (Professorial Lecturer, Global and Immersive Studies) & Gorky Cruz (Director, Center for Language Learning, World Languages and Cultures)

    Time: 11:55 AM – 12:45 PM

    Session Description  

    In this session we will showcase a successful initiative uniting domestic and international first-year students to discuss global issues, fostering inclusive dialogues through co-curricular activities. This approach transcends cultural boundaries, encouraging idea exchange, challenging assumptions, and facilitating global context comprehension. Join to learn and share practical examples of seamless international curriculum integration, enhancing engagement and cross-cultural competence.

    Learning Outcomes

    • Acquire strategies for meaningful intercultural dialogues and develop intercultural competence
    • Explore innovative approaches to enhance student engagement and promote cross-cultural competence through co-curricular activities, promoting active learning, collaboration, and critical thinking about global challenges
    • Identify effective exchanges on critical global issues to foster interconnectedness, recognizing the need for global solutions, cooperation, and diverse perspectives

    Watch a short introduction to the session topic:

    Session Materials

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