801: Beyond the Robots: Creating Engaging and Personal Projects that Build Human Skills

    Location: SIS T7 (Abramson Family Founders Room) or Join this session virtually

    Presenters: Erica Hart (Professorial Lecturer, Psychology) & Arielle Bernstein (Senior Professorial Lecturer, Literature)

    Time: 3:50 PM – 4:40 PM

    Session Description

    It is important for students to learn how to navigate new technologies like generative AI. At the same time, many of us aim to support student growth in distinctly human skills: things like creativity, empathy, critical thinking, or the ability to work with others. Participants will reflect on assignment design and activities that build human skills through personal and meaningful learning.

    Learning Outcomes

    • Recognize the technology-related challenges in the current learning environment
    • Consider which human skills you want to foster in your courses
    • Evaluate your approach to assignments in light of this new digital age
    • Refine activities and assignment design to better support human skill-building

    Session Materials

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