801: Creating an AU STEM Identity Embedded with Equitable and Inclusive Principles

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    Presenters: Meg Bentley (Senior Professorial Lecturer, CAS-Biology and Director, CAS-STEM Partnerships and Innovation), Ellen Feder (Professor, CAS-Philosophy & Religion), Nate Harshman (Professor, CAS-Physics), Shari Watkins (Senior Research Fellow, Center for Teaching, Research & Learning) & Lauren Weis (Assistant Professor, CAS-Philosophy & Religion)

    Time: 3:50 PM – 4:40 PM

    Session Description

    AU is characterized by an institutional identity that rewards traditional STEM habits like rigor, objectivity, and individualism. To foster a STEM identity that centers equity, we drafted Ethical STEM, a novel, collaborative, and interdisciplinary framework including critical self-reflection and acknowledgment of individual responsibility. In this session, we will present activities that will foster the practice of Ethical STEM for all, and strategies for integrating these into institutional policies and procedures.

    Learning Outcomes

    • Articulate traditional STEM principles
    • Recognize how Ethical STEM principles are distinct from traditional STEM habits
    • Implement activities to practice Ethical STEM at the individual, programmatic, departmental, and institutional levels

    Session Materials

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