703: Synchronizing Service: Integrating GivePulse into Canvas for Community-Based Learning

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    Presenters: Amanda Choutka (Faculty Fellow, Center for Community Engagement and Service; Senior Professorial Lecturer, CAS-Writing Studies Program/ Literature), Saagar Gupta (Program Coordinator, Center for Community Engagement and Service), Jacob Ortiz (Associate Director, Education and Equity) & Kaël Lopes (Graduate Assistant, Center for Community Engagement and Service)

    Time: 2:45 PM – 3:35 PM

    Session Description

    This active training and work session will introduce faculty and staff to GivePulse, a new tool that can be embedded in a Canvas course, to track student community-based or service-learning hours. We will teach participants how to integrate (and troubleshoot) GivePulse into their Canvas pages to achieve synchronicity for community-based learning courses across the AU and D.C. communities.

    Learning Outcomes

    • Implement the GivePulse plug-in in Canvas
    • Recognize the value of the GivePulse system for all stakeholders in synchronizing the logistics of community-based learning
    • Solve common GivePulse questions to streamline community-based learning for campus partners

    Watch a short introduction to the session topic:


    Session Materials

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