401 – ’sindikit: Creative, Collaborative, and Co-working Models

    Presenters: Zoë Charlton (Art) & Tim Doud (Art)

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    Time: 3:30 PM – 4:20 PM

    Session Description

    The ‘sindikit project is an artist initiative that emphasizes and extends our collaborative practices as artists and educators.  ‘sindikit engages our research interests in gender, sexuality, racialized identities, and the economy of things. In this session we will highlight the research of artists who, through practices and artwork, address gender, sexuality, racialized identities, belonging, nationalism, and environmentalism; show how artists’ creative research can be incorporated into non-art courses; discuss how our layered collaborative efforts have challenged and evolved our classes; and discuss ways the artist-scholar engages pedagogy inside and outside of the university system.  

    Learning Outcomes

    • Recognize the relationships between an artist’s work and their identities/positionalities 
    • Evaluate artist’s artwork or pedagogical initiatives and identify ways to incorporate them into their curriculum 
    • Describe how artists’ creative research can be incorporated into non-art course

    Watch the recording of this session.

    Session Materials

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