This is a post with some good news that we wanted to share with the community.

Luis Garcia is a Boy Scout. He used resources on the OpenBehavior website for his Electronics Merit Badge. Our resources page includes links to websites where you can order electronics and small parts. There are also links provided to websites that offer 3D printing services, vendors for 3D printers, and websites for help with 3D design. We also include links for vendors for microcontrollers, printed circuit boards, video cameras, and much more.

Luis suggested another resource that he thought might complement the links on our page. It is a website called All About Electronic Circuits for Kids by Mark Houlahan. Speedway Motors, an automotive parts store, hosts the website. It seems like a useful website for students who want to learn electronics. It also might be good for neuroscientists who are new to electronics. Check it out:

We added Luis’ suggestion to our collection of resources. We encourage him to keep working on electronics now that he has completed his badge for the Boy Scouts. We also would like to thank him for reaching out and hope that he helps others in the future with the skills that he has learned throughout this process. Thanks Luis!