TMaze for Pavlovian Conditioning

Nov 2, 2023

This 3D-printed T-Maze project is a pretty basic but formidable design for basic behavioral experiments such as learning, memory, or other Pavlovian tests. The apparatus presented here consists of a three-part print (the Maze and two sliding doors) and it requires no assembly. This T-Maze was originally designed for a faculty member who is teaching a basic run of the Conditioned Place Preference (CPP) with zebrafish as an example. However, this project is easily customizable and the .stl files for this purpose or download and printing directly are available on our GitHub. PLA and PETG are particularly recommended for experiments with fish as these two materials are safest to use in water due to their stability and slow degradation.

We are always looking for new additions to our repository, so feel free to reach out through this form to submit your 3D-printed project. We aim to share knowledge and ease the research process through this repository, and your contribution will be very much appreciated.

Check out the design on GitHub!

Download the files from the source!