107 – Students Lead the Way 

    Presenters: Izzi Stern (AUx Program), Richard Duncan (Complex Problems & University College), Alyssa Bursie (Class of 2022 / Complex Problems Program Leader), Nisaa Chaudhry (Class of 2022 / AUx Peer Facilitator), Dana Colarocco (Class of 2021 / Complex Problems Program Leader), Edmée Marie Faal (Class of 2021 / AUx Peer Facilitator), Eden Kinlock (Class of 2021 / AUx Peer Facilitator) & Therese Wilson (Class of 2021 / Complex Problems Program Leader) 

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    Time: 10:10 AM – 11:25 AM

    Session Description

    This session will explore how student leaders are a central component to Complex Problems (CP) seminars and American University Experience (AUx) courses. The panel for this session comprises CP Program Leaders and AUx Peer Facilitators, who will share their experiences as student leaders in these classes. 

    Learning Outcomes

    • Differentiate between the roles of CP Program Leaders and AUx Peer Facilitators 
    • Identify how student leaders contribute to CP seminars and AUx courses  

    Watch the recorded session.

    Session Materials

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