Explore What You Can Do With Your Research

The Center for Teaching, Research, and Learning provides support for research being conducted across the university. Our team specializes in a variety of quantitative, qualitative, mixed, and survey research methodologies and software. Our support takes many forms:

  • Consultations at all stages of the research process including research design, data collection, data analysis, and visualization.
  • Coordinating access to AU’s research tools such as research software applications and the High Performance Computing cluster.
  • Pedagogical consultations on how to effectively integrate data/research into your classes.
  • Recoded software workshops on-demand for your students on a specific research software application.
  • Relevant and timely research applications workshops throughout the year for faculty, staff, and students.

Research Support Available

On-Demand Research Software Workshops

We can’t all be experts in every software resource available. Consider viewing one of the many recorded workshops hosted by the CTRL to either refine your knowledge of a specific software package or explore how a new resource may benefit your research. Click the button below to access the on-demand workshop materials and videos.

AU Apps

Remote access to software from anywhere at anytime! Download the client to access these programs or open them in browser on your own computer by clicking the “Download AU Apps”. Read more and review our AU Apps FAQ sheet!

AU Apps supports the following software:


On-Demand In-Class Tutorials (Faculty Only)

CTRL is now offering recorded software workshops with handouts and workshop materials for your students to have access to anytime and where. Please see the Research Software Workshops On-Demand.

High Performance Computing (HPC)

Zorro, the AU High-Performance Computing (HPC) System supports the efforts of faculty and student researchers working with computationally intensive projects. The AU HPC System provides high-speed parallel/distributed data processing and research-dedicated storage with high input-output capabilities. Click below to learn more.

Software Support

Public Data Resources

Quantitative Research

Qualitative Research

Survey Support