601: Getting to Work: How to Incorporate Anti-Racist Writing Pedagogy in Your Classroom

Presenters: Neisha-Anne Green (Academic Support and Access Center) & Marnie Twigg (Writing Studies Program)

Location: MGC 245

At the end of this workshop participants should be able to:

  • Develop strategies to evaluate their course materials with a focus on anti-racist writing assessment practices
  • Apply these strategies to a single assignment or rubric, providing a model for future revision

Building on strategies introduced at Asao Inoue’s workshops in February 2019, this interactive session supports participants as they revise course materials to include anti-racist writing assessment practices. Participants will work together with facilitators and each other to reimagine course materials with an eye for these practices. Participants will submit a writing assignment prompt, rubric, or other assessment-related materials of their choosing prior to the session. Facilitators will provide feedback on these materials, opportunities to workshop them in small groups with writing experts, and models for troubleshooting when things don’t go the way you plan.

Session Materials

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