1002: Critical Information Literacy: A Primer and Discussion

Presenters: Symphony Bruce (Library) & Hannah Park (Library)

Location: MGC 247

At the end of this workshop participants should be able to:

  • Understand the basic elements of critical information literacy, including the political, social, and economic dimensions of information, and its creation, access, and use
  • Examine systems of oppression within scholarly communication and identify ways to take action upon them

This workshop will introduce American University faculty to the concept of Critical Information Literacy (CIL) and invite a discussion of the ways power and privilege present themselves within scholarly communication. Presenters will begin by introducing the tenets of CIL as a frame of thinking and as a pedagogical practice. Because CIL works to unveil the power structures behind the creation and dissemination of information, the presenters will lead a discussion, asking participants to consider existing forms of oppression our students engage with, how this is reinforced in the classroom or in research practices, and ways to design the classroom experience to be a more democratic, collaborative, and transformative space.

Session Materials

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