Teaching Support

How can I encourage participation in my class?

What is active learning? What could it look like in my class?

What makes a course accessible?

Where should I begin when creating a course?

The Teaching Support Team is here to collaborate with you on all of your teaching related needs

Here at the Center for Teaching, Research, and Learning we work to bring you the most up-to-date pedagogical practices to enhance your teaching practices. We have several guides, templates, and resources to help along the way.

If you feel you need additional information in a particular area, or want to walk through an idea for an innovative and unique lesson plan, feel free to schedule a One-on-One Consultation with an instructional designer.

Teaching Resources

One-on-One Consultations

Interested in a more personalized conversation about your course? Build on your successes in the classroom with a private consultation with a Teaching Support team member. We can discuss all teaching-related questions or ideas you have, including how to incorporate innovative teaching techniques in an authentic way to your teaching style, and can brainstorm about other enhancements for your course.

Open Educational Resources

OERs are available in a wide variety of disciplines, academic levels, and formats including textbooks, online quizzes, instructional modules, assignments, articles, interactive simulations, and image, video, and audio files.

Creating a System of Peer Observation of Teaching

Interested in participating in Peer Observation? Want to research how to make it the most impactful? Take a look at this PDF guide for some ideas to integrate into your own process.

Technology In The Classroom

This resource offers a variety of information and tools on the use of and pedagogy of new technology and software in the classroom.

Syllabus Guide

This Guide is meant to be a guide and includes items commonly included in course syllabi. You can view any of the individual topics for more detailed information and copy and paste the information into your syllabus as you see fit.

Ten Take-Aways: A Collection of Teaching Strategies

This is our invitation to you to explore a collection of topics that can help enrich your teaching each. These resources are grouped in four categories to help you find the content that is most applicable: Preparing to Teach, Assessing Student Learning, Teaching Strategies, and Tech Tools.

Green Teaching

Learn about becoming a Certified Green Teacher or just get a few ideas of how to improve your classroom sustainability.

Additional Video Resources